Over Our Heads, 2020

In Over Our Heads, original designs are beaded onto bonnets, caps, and headpieces in an interrogation of verbal expressions that describe mind-sets, attitudes, and dreams, particularly in reference to women. Expressions such as “mind full of butterflies” and “bee in her bonnet” have been used to suppress curiosity, exploration, or emotion in women living in patriarchal societies. The original pieces were handcrafted by women in various historical contexts from textiles using construction, tailoring and sewing techniques. The works of these women have become anonymous and all that remains of their identity are their stitches and unique ways of working. It’s interesting to contemplate the women who wore these garments, who are also cloaked in anonymity, possibility the creators of the pieces and possibility not. What were the relationships between these women, maker and wearer? What were their lived experiences, dreams and aspirations?

in progress