Sea Beads

I’m currently at work in my studio in Brescia creating a series of beaded sculptures. First a copper armature is created.  The video below shows the armature for the second sculpture “In the Mouth of the Scorfano”.

Once the armature is complete, beads are applied using a lacemaking technique sometimes referred to as “treading on air,” as seen in the following process shot:


The photos above are of the first completed sculpture.

Bridges, 2016

A series of large format drawings featuring the bridges of Saskatoon, Canada in various states of dysfunction.



The Woman and the Coywolf

drawing/painting, 6 x 8 feet

In this series of work I’m exploring Métis identity and aesthetic sovereignty. I’m looking at the works of many contemporary Métis artists including Christi Belcourt and David Garneau as I work on this series. Other reference materials include photographs and archives of the Métis from the Fisherton, MB area.

CBC Article (January 2016)

This artwork was featured on the cover of Katherena Vermette’s novel “The Break”


Red Series, Summer 2015

The red series is a large scale, modular drawing installation.  It is 6 by 5 1/2 feet, composed of 9 separate drawings, like a drawn quilt. The work is in progress and while working I’m thinking about the regenerative forces of nature, animal-human communication, and hybridity.