The Woman and the Wolf- Sohkahcahkwew

drawing/painting, 6 x 8 feet

During the creation of this work I was researching Métis identity from a visual perspective. I was looking closely at the work of numerous contemporary Métis artists as well as historical family photos. In those photos several women, my ancestors, took the stance that you see The Woman in; a strong stance with one hand on the hip and the other in closed in a fist at the side, looking directly at the camera. It is important to know that the original work is large, slightly larger than life-size, so Sohkahcahkwew and her Wolf command a great deal of space when exhibited. All of the flowers and symbols on the dress and the wolf are related to my own personal history and experiences. For example, the wild rose on the chest was my Grandmother’s favourite flower and the leadplant on the skirt was in honour of my Grandfather who was a WWII veteran. The dandelion in The Woman’s hand is a reference to the Métis, who were historically know as the road allowance people. There are numerous other references to the Métis including the red river on the Wolf.


CBC Article (January 2016)

This artwork was featured on the cover of Katherena Vermette’s novel “The Break”

University of Saskatchewan, College of Arts and Science Article (March 2019).


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