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Corinna Wollf was selected as a runner up in the 2018 Canadian Art Writing Prize for her entry titled “A Circle in a Sea of Squares.” Click here for the official announcement from Canadian Art. The essay offered an interpretation of “UNCEDED: Voices of the Land,” Canada’s official entry into the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture.  
Her land is here in Venice, and I’m welcomed to stand on it. I want to dig my feet into it, put it in my mouth, fill my ears with it, be encased in it.” —- A quote from A Circle in a Sea of Squares.
Watch this space for future art writings. 
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“In an accessible and lyrical manner, fusing memoir, poetry and academic text, [Georgeson-Usher] brings alive the sounds of her rural childhood and those of the streets of Montreal where she lived for many years.”


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